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Favorite color for bluegills???

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For me it varies from lake to lake. I have a few lakes that are very clear, 1 the best color seems to be blue with glow head (shrimp), the other is same bait but only in chartreuse. Other lakes that are more stained  are anything from gold to purple. I usually keep switching colors until I find what they want

Clown spoon, glow red jig.

Doubles Shooter:
These are my best colors for the waters I fish. The top two are glow and the bottom right jigs have glow eyes.

I've had lots of luck with green and orange and  pink and white Marmooskas on certain lakes. 

My favorite color is whatever they are hitting. ;) That said I like Gold in heavily stained waters and Orange and Chartreuse just about anywhere. Also like Clown, and if you looked on my sled you would likely find 6 or 7 color combos rigged and ready. Conditions constantly change, so while it's good to have a go to color it also pays to be flexible.


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