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Sort through small ones or move?

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I went to a lake I never fished before, looked at navionics map went to a 12-25 foot transition punched holes started marking and jigging. Hali spoon with two spikes is my searching bait and immediately hit fish but only caught 5 inchers at best but I stayed cause I was catching hoping to sort to bigger. I tried to bait up to keep small ones off and I tried to bait down no change. It never happened... Was I wrong to stay? I use ht blues 2lb test prob a dozen different jigs and one Hali spoon and h-bird ice 55.

Sometimes you can fish a bigger lure like a chubby darter or fish higher in the water  than where the small ones are hitting. If that des not work keep moving to you find bigger fish.

I usually just stay and pick through the fish I don't need a ton of fish to take home to eat so I just like catching fish.

if switching to a bigger lure don't work i'll generally move and try to find bigger fish sometimes you will and sometimes you won't. i've found the amount of smaller fish really depends on the specific body of water and how its stocked/managed.

For me, it depends on the ratio of keepers to small ones. If 1 out of every 4 or 5 is a keeper and I end up with 3 or 4 keepers per hour, I would stay but if I'm there for an hour with nothing to show, I'll move


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