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Best crappie lure/bait?

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Whats your go to Crappie slayer? 1/16 Slender spoon tipped with minnowhead for me

boss j:
boss spoon with or without a waxxie kills them!

Small ice jigs and tube jigs with crappie nibbles.

Typically I use a tungsten horizontal with a waxie.  Bought couple PK preditor spoons and they look great.   Try some #2 jigging raps. 

--- Quote from: Flint on Nov 02, 2014, 06:12 PM ---Small ice jigs and tube jigs with crappie nibbles.

--- End quote ---
You have good luck with crappie nibbles?   Never great luck.

I dont use them unless the fish have lockjaw, but yea I have had good luck with them and the power bait spooge in the plastic bottle.


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