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do any of u guys use these springs?  if so how do they work?  are they adjustable?  how do u attach to a non st. croix rod?  i saw alot of them on rods in pictures posted on this site. thanks.   just watin for ice!

I use them all the time, they are my favorite spring bobber. To use them you need an eye with a grommet to hold them. They can added onto an existing rod by wrapping a single properly sized foot guide on, epoxy the thread and adding a grommet. They make different weight springs (different front bead colors for different weights) and you can slide the spring in and out of the grommet/holder to adjust it.

I have moded many of my rods to use the st croix spring bobber. I just couldnt justify the 50 bucks for an ice rod. But from what i have read and now seen with my own eyes there quality control is terible so that makes me feel better about modding some rods I already had. I love that spring bobber and the way its adjustable and am thinking about adding one to my new rod.


I got one last winter, 24ul.  It is perfect, best I have ever owned. I use it all the time for gills, and the sping adjusts fine.

can u adjust the sensitivity when changing to different size jig?


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