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Hello All, I'm Gary, live in Bemidji. Started ice fishing earlier than I remember. First memories on the ice are spearing northerns on Black Bay. Spent the last 10 years in Florida so this is my first ice season since 2011. Been out once this year after having to buy ALL the gear again. Will mostly fish lakes around Bemidji but will get to LOTW a few times as well as Mille Lacs at least once. Pleasure to meet you all, good luck and good fishing.

Welcome to the Ice Shanty!  Formerly from EGF, so I know the area you get to fish - sitting on a gold mine up there! 

Rod from Zimmtown. Good Afternoon!

Grew up spearing Northerns with Grandpa on Pine Lake after cleaning the barn.  Ice fished most my life around TRF (local rivers and LOW).  Career/locations got in way and really havenít been out regularly since the 90ís.  Went with BIL on Traverse for perch last yr and had a blast..  Time to get back in the game locally.

Oh you could say Iím old school with a 5 gallon pail kinda guy.  Massive changes in sport are kinda intimidatingÖ.

Thanks for reading.


Calvin from Woodbury. New to ice fishing and is ready hooked! I tried to go out as much as I can and this would be the "trail and error" for me to see what works or not. Hope to make some new friends and link up with anyone who wants to go fishing

Woodbury, MN by way of the mountains of Idaho and Cleveland Ohio before.   Itís been a while since Iíve chased walleyes and pike, more tuned for Perch and Trout.   My Gear is unpacked and Iím ready to Walk on Water again.   Tight Lines


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