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They call me Colt, 24, No wife to tell me no (yet), Live in Zimmerman, MN. Usually fish around town. Baxter, Blue, Little Elk, Green and sometimes go to Mille Lacs. Not addicted or anything  ;), just a recreational user.

Not really NEW.... been around for a while.... just havent' posted alot...

 From St Cloud.... Originally from NY/NJ .... Been here about 3 years now and haven't looked back :D
Usually fish the St Cloud area lakes..... or Mille lacs and LOW ....

Feeling Crappie:
My name is Jason. I've been ice fishing for 10 years now. Still can't catch the size or numbers I want but that's the way it goes they can always be bigger or have more of em. I release almost everything I catch unless a request for fish comes down from grandma. I love catching crappies and I'm always down for somebody new coming with me or taking me with them. I like to see how other people fish too. :tipup:

My name is tom. been ice fishing my whole life mostly little lakes in cen mn.  spent alot of time on the ice with skipper not catching anything. so I guess he is the reason I got into this site. For those of you who came to the ice show I was the one there with skipper :tipup:

Welcome to the site!

Look for the reports boards to start changing in the coming days. If you have a section, go ahead and post! If not, I should have most of you covered by sunday night. ;)

If there is anything you would like to see, post me some info........HERE.


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