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End of an Era....


My parents have had a mobile home on Big Winnie for over 30yrs at Sunset View Resort.  Now, the current owners are kicking everyone out, splitting up the resort into lots and selling them.  Sure this might make financial sense, but it sure puts alot of hardworking people out of a decent place to come and relax aton the weekends and on vacation.  I would like to help them find a place on a lake where they can put their mobile in on a lot.  It would have to be on a lake north of Brainerd, and reasonably priced.  It just sickens me to think I was pretty much raised up there in the summers and now greed once again takes over.  >:( Please e-mail me with ideas of where they could park the mobile home.  I am trying to help them out the best I can.  [email protected]


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