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I am having a little contest on Big Marine on February 1st.

I haven't fished the lake since I was a kid. Nobody that will

Does anyone have any tips to help on this lake.

Where are the local bait shops.

When I was a kid we used to set up tipups in about 15 feet of water with shiners. We also had a dark house and did some spearing. We used to get quite a few pike.

I am planning on going out from the north access.

Thanks for any help.

If you are out there look for me. I will be driving a silver Durango. I should have the radio turned to channel 7.

Had my contest on Big Marine on February 1st. We didn't do to well. Only had 6 anglers. We pulled a ton of tiny perch. The two big fish were a 2# pike and a 2.5# bass. We fished west of the island in the main lake.

Went out to my buddies contest on February 7th on Big Marine. THe day before he plowed a few roads for access. I was the first one out and another contest that was a benefit contest for a deceased firefighter had gotten on the lake before us and squatted on his roads.

We found another area in the East bay. There were probably about 20 people out for my buddies contest. A lot of pike and bass were pulled up. I was in second place for quite a while. I ended up keeping 3 pike.

Hey Hard_H2O, sorry to hear about the less than stellar turnout for your tourney, also too bad the other tourney participants took over your roads. Then again, it is all public property. Sure you had a good time even so, sure it had to be better than going to work those two days!!

If the other contest wasn't a benefit with the money going to the fireman's widow then we might be a bit more upset.


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