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robbed on bald eagle

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 ok to the guys or guy that is responsible for breaking into 15 or more permanents some one will catch you and i hope i am that person. you are low life scum to do what you do. didnt your mother teach you morals. there is a such thing as respect for others and there property. if i were you i wouldnt step foot on that lake again if i catch you youll wish i called the cops... I encourage everyone with a house on bald eagle to keep there eyes peeled for these scum we cant allow this crap to happen

 >:(Tippy,  sorry to hear about your loss.  I think however you are preaching to the choir in a matter of speaking.  I would be horrified to think that anyone on this site would do such a thing.  All I can say is that is why I leave nothing in my shack and get to know my neighbors so If someone else comes around I came note it or they can.  Hope you hind them and drill a small hole to drive that square peg threw.

Im not saying anyone on this site would do this. i am just venting. im sick of replacing my door. i dont laeve anything in my shack either its mainly just the principle of the thing

yes I understand the frustration. ???  I have been planing on building a new house but always think about that.  The portable is less worry.  hard to damage or steal when I am in it.

I still suggest an alarm system, especially if your permanent icehouse is within eye/earshot of your real house. Even if not, the noise will get the attention of any would-be burglars/vandals and probably run em off, and would draw the attention of anyone that does live on the lake. Cheap, easy, effective. These aren't experienced car theives stealing a Mercedes, they're opportunists, looking for some free fishing stuff, and an unexpected alarm would probably scare em right out of their skivies.


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