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Call them what you want, eelpout burbout lawyers, I want to catch some. Anyone know of a good place to start looking, like lake name or guide? Anybody willing to help a lawyerless man? I dont want your walleye fishing hotspot or anything like that, I got that at home. Im just wanting to see what I am missing. Thanks

If you want eelpout go too Leech Lake in Feburary for the eelpout fest. You will see all kind of houses, hot tubs, and what ever someone can come up with. They also give some good prizes and other odds and ends away at the end of the contest. You can give Reeds Sport a call when the fest is, usually the last weekend of the fishing year.

Thats generally the second weekend in Feb. Will I catch eelpout if i go?

We used to catch a pile of eelpout in the deep (40-50feet) parts of Otter Tail lake.  Can't understand why you'd want to catch 'em, except for the fight they put on.  Leech Lake is very similar to Otter Tail in a lot of ways, so perhaps that's the place to go.  Focus on the perch in the shallows during the day, and go deep for the eelpout after dark.  That way you'll at least have something to eat while you're out there.

Thanks Uncleduke, now I have a direction to start.


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