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Hey guys, an Indiana guy here. I'm sure y'all get similar questions all the time but im looking to make an ice trip and could use some help. I got the fiancÚ out on the ice 3 times here last year and she actually enjoyed it. I think a 1 or 2 night trip somewhere would really get her into the sport. Was wondering if anyone could recommend any guides or good resorts to go out of. Any lake, any area, long as we can get on a good perch and walleye bite as both are terrible fishing in Indiana. Any help is appreciated

Jig_Head if you are looking for a perch and walleye lake, then I would suggest you look around Leech Lake.  There are alot of good resorts along that lake and its large enough that you can have plenty of options.  You may want to look up this in Google and decide if this is what you are looking for.  There alot of guides up in that area and depending on your timing or schedule you can find something that fits your liking.  Perch may bite more towards the later part of the year, but its a big lake, so you can decide where to go and when to be there. 

I'd also suggest LOW...Lake of The Woods. Big walleye and perch lake; many guide services up there. With LOW or Leech you can't go wrong. Upper Red Lake is also a good one; all three are huge lakes. And there's also huge Mille Lacs to hit. All of those have many good guide services/sleepers/ pkgs available.
Just a couple places I can recommend:




Are you looking to do an over night sleeper house on the lake- the resort/outfitter generally puts them in good spots, checks on you throughout the trip (if its a good owner).  Use it as your base camp during the day and hop around  the lake with your own gear if you want, or stay put.

Or do you want a full service guide trip during the day and then stay on land somewhere? Or back at a sleeper house.

I usually head to LOW two times during the season, and this is mainly targeting walleye.  We go through a resort and fish out of their fish houses.  Later you wait in the season, the more the fish are scattered, so plan accordingly for these times.  Resorts on the Rainy river at the mouth tend to fill up fast.  You can do day trips out of there, but you need to find lodging elsewhere. 

All the other suggestions are good lakes, so you can't go wrong with those lakes. 

You need to determine what fits your needs and then members can suggest options to look at.  If you are in any Facebook groups for MN Ice Fishing you will find a ton of info on local guides and houses. 

It all depends on how far you want to travel. 


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