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Trapping shiners??

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Whatís the trick to catching bait out of a small farm pond? Ponds maybe 100íx50í I have a small bait trap I put in some dog food and drop it down. Any suggestions on depth? Right on bottom or suspended? Any info would be a help. Thanks

Saw a guy with acloverleaf trap...put it right on bottom which 6-8 feet deep... he caught a lot..with dog food,cheapest he could find.  Another guy on a mill pond, 10 feet deep...located shimers with flasher...cut big hole for a 5 foot square pull up net which he would put on bottom...thow in pieces of bread....wait 10 or 15 min then pull up fast and he got a lot of golden shiners some 8 inches long.  The most important thing is you have to know where they are.

good adise  :thumbsup:

Found the smaller ponds were the best places to find them over lakes n rivers.  Some ponds just donít have them.  Iíd try different spots and depths.  Dog food def is best.  If you donít find any wait until next summer and put some in there, works great. 

Ive used Gravy train ,it seemed to be better than other brands.


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