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Rare Brass Arctic Winner MFG tip-up

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Very nice find..👍

Thats a cool looking trap. Got a rough date on it?

Before the pandemic, I used to go to the Jack Traps open house and there was usually a display of vintage ice fishing equipment from the real early days. I am not sure if Jack Traps keeps it in store or if it was a traveling display they just had out for the open house. This trap kind of reminds me of that display. I know I always enjoyed looking at that stuff while I was there.

I was told the reels on the first tip ups were above water and freezing rain or real cold weather pretty much put you out of business. I am appreciative of the gear we have now and at the same time, definitely a little fascinated by how those hearty souls kept that gear working in inclement weather.


--- Quote from: woodchip on Jan 21, 2022, 03:12 PM ---Sometimes older fishing equipment is worth  Big Bucks.

--- End quote ---

Wonder what we could get for woodchip? 😅😅

 Lets all help Get more honest  and helpful FISHERMEN.

Wonder what we could get for woodchip?  ;D They're gonna put a for sale sign on ya Old Sage of Verrillville. Great find of the old trap thanks for sharing


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