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Rare Brass Arctic Winner MFG tip-up

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My pops was cleaning out his fathers house and came across this bad larry, a "helicopter" style, all brass tip-up made by Arctic Winner MFG out of East Rochester, NY. Anyone ever seen one of these, or know much about them? Its rough but i plan on fixing it up and getting it back catching fish!

Before you do anything to it you should check on Value , the more you do to it will lower its value!!

 This might be a good site to start

Ice Fishing - Vintage Ice Fishing Tip Up
This is an Early Old Antique Vintage Ice Fishing Tip-Up by Unknown Maker. The markings on the reel face are least to my eyes. The original copper/Brass owner tag marked"Anthony

You should have a part-time gig on Antiques Roadshow, woodchip.

Sometimes older fishing equipment is worth  Big Bucks.


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