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Super Duper Mille Lacs BS Thread!

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Just got back from our weekend trip to Mille Lacs. Fishing was pretty slow the whole weekend. We caught a few jumbo perch, and a 20 1\2 and 21" walleye. Of course they were just over the slot. We went out of Red Door Resort. They had nice 10 hole sleeper shacks, and their cabins were very nice. Multiple reports from people that were up there earlier, said we just missed the hot bite by one day. Green demons and small spoons worked the best.

Almost forgot. We had the DNR swing by our shack. My cousin bought a dual license with his wife at Gander, butsince she bought it before they were married, it apparently didn't count. The DNR guy was a complete asshole, and ticketed him. We argued he thought he was legal, and it was Gander's fault they told him to get the dual license. DNR guy didn't care, and threatened to take all his fishing gear. No wonder some of these guys get a bad rep. He even said he was just getting a warning, and to go buy a new license, but later in the conversation said he would be getting a fine in the mail. We told him that you just said he wasn't getting ticketed, and he stated he never said that. Wish I would have gotten the guys name and somehow called in a complaint.

So is Mille Lacs screwed up yet, better, or who knows

Not sure if it counts as BS but reposting for a fellow freak trying to find his dog.


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