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Super Duper Mille Lacs BS Thread!

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With all the Mille Lacs posts (where to stay, where to fish, how to catch walleye), I thought we should have a general catch all thread. If you have any Mille Lacs related BS, comments, or whatever, post it here. We should end up with something that members can go back through and get a lot more answers than from a bunch of fragmented threads.

I will merge any new Mille Lacs stuff into this thread if it isn't getting any hits.

Don't be afraid to wake it up if it gets old!

So, where are you guys fishing? Lets see some pictures. @)


    If this is of no interest, just make it disappear.


All I see is black! ;D

Hmm, true, flood lamps from yer team, oh, wait, voltage drop, um, how far from civilization is that cam.   :roflmao:
Just give it 12 hours.    ;D

The little flecks you see are rain, not snow... :-\

It's like 40 degrees and pouring right now. Not good...


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