Author Topic: How important is the use of electronic fish and depth finders?  (Read 1993 times)

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Is there a lot of you guys that use these electronics for ice fishing? And if so is there a good inexpensive device one could use for depth or fish finding. I am afraid that if I moved up to using one of these devices I would be less likely to move  if i know that fish should be there or i can see them on screen.I Drill and Drop now.
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Depends on what you are fishing for and where. For pike fishing I'm usually shallow enough where it is not worth it to use one. However, when I'm fishing in 20' or more it is useful. I have a Bottomline Buddy ($160-$180) that I use in deeper water and in the canoe in the summer. It works well enough for me to know where the fish are it increases my success rate on fish in those conditions.

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Don't leave home without it.

I'm more likely to move when I can see that there are no fish in the hole, or the ones that are there are not going to hit anything in my tackle box.

I'm also partial to the more spendy LCD units myself.


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for your applications, you might not need one. but if you go fishing for walleye trout even perch you will be supprised how much it will help. My father and i had never used one before until last winter when we bought a Zercom clearwater pro.  this thing is  amazing! its made my catch rate go up by about 5 times(then i started using swedish pimples that made it go up about 3 times w/o it) i will NEVER go out ice fishing or even fishing off my boat(made a bracket to fit on my 14 ft. alum. boat) with out it.we got ours for 180 bucks on ebay and it was worth it! i recomend getting one. they are worth it. trust these guys here they know what they are talking about

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depends what you wantts fish for   bigger lakes i dont see a need smaller lakes/ponds  yes i see a need for a vex expecially lite biting perch/gills/crappie but once you get into the fish expecially if they are stacked up and biting well u dont need one but when they are finicky  it keeps you from going home skunked
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