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Trout Plastics + Underwater View
« on: Feb 08, 2023, 01:02 AM »

Unreal how the trout eat these Flapper plastics.  White was my prior favorite color and this new color is off the hook... or on the hook!

The tail to me imitates a leech and trout love leeches!  A slight wiggle and they inhale the whole thing.

The GoPro Captured some great underwater shots as well at the end of this video.  So if you want to see the underwater stuff make sure to advance to the end before you decide to leave.  Should be good!

I tipped it with a tiny piece of brined shrimp.

I was catching fish anywhere from 5 to 17 feet of water.  Just have to follow them out during mid day and back in for the afternoon.

When fish move off structure they don't always hug the bottom.  Sometimes they stay suspended over deeper water.  So if you are searching try out deep, but the same depth you were catching them in the morning.


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