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Big Bows / Various Techniques for TIGHT LIPS
« on: Jan 19, 2023, 08:52 PM »

Rainbow Trout Ice Fishing in British Columbia in a lake with a lot of aquatic insects and fishing pressure.  These trout are stocked at the fingerling to yearling size.  So they often have spent a whole year in the lake before they are tangling with any fisherman.  They adapt to a wild style diet and since these interior lakes are loaded with BUGS that is what they eat.  Chironomids, blood worms, Scuds, Beetles, caddis and more.  So many options and all of them area very docile in the winter and easy for a submarine trout to just blimp along and gulp a mouth full of high calorie easy picking BUGS.

So how do you get these fishes attention when the water column is full of food and there is high pressure on the lake.  Many of the bigger fish will have been caught and released or seen numerous lures and flies through the year.

Even though they are cautious these fish will still come check out lures.  So try the different types to see what they want.  Spoons, jigs, bait and flies.  Combinations often work too.  Do they want movement or deadstick.  A wide range of presentations may be needed to trigger the bites.

So stay mobile and bring a few set ups.  Look at them down a hole, with a camera or using sonar to understand their behavior and how they respond to what you are doing.  Learn as you go and each fish that passes will tell you something to try for the next fish that passes.  One of these times you may actually have created the plan to capture the next passing fish.  Over the years you build your style and tricks.  Watching me and other anglers.  Pay attention to how I move the rod right before a bite.  This will help you with triggering style jigging motions that work over and over again. 

The Rod I was using is a PANFISH 36 Full Circle Series by Circle Tackle.  I also was using some of their 7mm Tungsten Jigs. 


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