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Fun with a hotdog
« on: Feb 10, 2021, 07:51 AM »
OK, so I was going to use the 'W' word, but didn't know how that would be received. 

So a couple weeks ago I was fishing a lake that's pretty clear and was setup near a few cribs, where panfish hang around all day and gamefish come in periodically to check things out.  There were half a dozen muskies that would frequently hang around, leave, then return.  I wasn't very many pike, but when I did, they were in that 30" range and sometimes be travelling with a muskie.  One evening, out of six days, I caught a 25" pike on a tipup outside my house. 

Long story short, the last day I had brought a pack of Bar-S hotdogs.  I had one rigged on my rattle wheel and got a picture of muskie that came in and looked it, but turned away like every other time.  My buddy came out later, so he wanted to use that hole for catching panfish.  I reeled up the hotdog, broke it in half and threw them down his hole so we could see them on the camera while he was jigging.

A little while later a big northern came in, saw the hotdogs on the bottom and went perfectly vertical.  He didn't grab one then, but circled around a couple times and eventually picked one up off the bottom and ate it.  So I quickly threw on half a hotdog and let it sit on the bottom.  For the next 2-3 hours, that pike hung around and would frequently come up to my hotdog, or the other one not on a hook, but wouldn't pick them up.  Once he came up to mine and tried sucking it in from a few inches away, but it didn't budge so he gave up.

Once the sun went down we figured he left or would be soon and my buddy had to leave, but while we were packing up the kids who had just moved in next to us caught him with a shiner on their line.  We should've had a couple tipups out, but I did have a shiner down in my other hole, but we were too engaged on the watching the dog.  BTW, the fish was 32"/10#. 
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