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Reports and Conditions (please read)


Iceshanty.com has a handy place that is INFO ONLY to post/read fishing reports and ice conditions. If you have any information of any kind regarding the fishing or the conditions of the ice, our members greatly appreciate when you share. It may look like no one cares, but if you keep an eye on how many views this section gets, you will see that they do!

Please help conservation efforts by not sharing very specific spots or GPS coordinates. You would be surprised how many shacks can show up and crowd the regulars off.

Pictures of fish, ice, or your rigging and lures are welcome in the Reports and Conditions Section. Chit chat and BS are not. We have our Ice Fishing Minnesota section for that.

Minnesota Reports and Conditions Section

If you find errors in the layout or have a suggestion to make this section better, please send me a PM. My goal is to make it a bottomless pit of useful ice fishing information that spans for years. It can only become that with your help.


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