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Silver, White Bear, Phalen,Gervais, Powers, Square, Buffalo, Mille Lacs,  Leech, Winni, Upper Red Lake,  Chisago/Lindstrom/North&South Center,  St Louis River, St Croix River

St Louis and St Croix, I have only fished during open water.  But I'd try icefishing on the Croix IF I went with someone who KNOWS the ice on that river.

So many lakes, so little time, even less money !!

2004 Liberty Beach Perch Extravaganza is Feb 21.

I had been trying to get info about it on the web. No luck. I finally broke down and called them. They said that they will have flyers up. So I guess I need to get my butt up there if I want any info.

Have you ever fished Big Marine? I am heading there Sunday. Used to fish there when I was a kid.


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