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smallies through the ice

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 Hey guys got a question for ya....theres a huge old strip mine pond near where i live that was stocked with smallmouth way back when. Anyways now the pond holds some fish of pretty decent size, i got a 3-4 pounder there this summer, but they are crazy hard to catch, harder then the ones  in the lakes and river. How would you go about trying to catch them through the ice? The pond is REALLY deep and pretty clear.

i catch them on medium shiners  ;)

switch to 10-12 lb mono and play them easy!!!!!!!! works on clear lakes when I fish for big perch and ive gotten a 3lb smallie ....snapped a few times though

use light line long leader on a tipup if it is pullin really hard let line slip through your fingers like drag

small maybe 2-4 inch shiners near the bottom over rock piles

I watched an In-fisherman ice show on them the other day. They were using Demon Jigging Spoons from custom jigs and spins in the #4 and #2 size.


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