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Grumpy Old Men Festival Wabasha


My wife is treating me to the Wabasha Grumpier Old Men Festival on 2/25/23. Has anyone participated in their ice fishing event? I'd also be interested in renting a shanty on a lake in the vicinity if that is possible for another day while we are there. We will be driving from Pennsylvania which I have ice fished many times, but this will be my first trip to Minnesota.

Thank you.

Sounds like it could be a fun event, but I can’t speak to it as just getting back into ice fishing after a 20 sabbatical.  I do live north of the metro, but that would be a fun event one yr.

Hope you have a good time.  Good luck

Ps..  in Minnesota & west we have ice houses, Wisconsin and east have shanty’s..  lol.


Damn dude, that looks like a good time!! Sounds like you got a good wife too!


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