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Floor of clam 6800 work for a clam Summit?


I have a clam Summit and I'm looking for a floor. The foot print is 6x8, and so is the clam 6800. I was hoping the two are compatible.

Well it turns out that this thing is a beast to try and pull across the snow !! So I'm building a Smitty Sled. I'm looking for a cheap set of skis, 200 cm or longer.

Thanks :-)

Well I found a 6800 for free so grabbed it just to see if it will work. The size is right, just the straps inside the summit had to altered to connect to the floor. Now just wait for ice :-)

Nice.  I know suitcase style is out, but I would still take a suitcase box thingy with the hub shelter over it.


The sled worked great  ;D


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