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jigging lipless crankbaits for smallmouth

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I was wondering if anyone uses some of their open water  lipless crankbaits under the ice for smallmouth. I was thinking of trying some 11/2'' - 2'' 1/8oz - 3/16 oz , the smallmouth here are by no means huge just thinking the profile and rattle wold wake them up and they would hit it.any advice would be appreciated    THANKS

I have tried using Rat L Traps(1/8 oz)
 for largemouth a couple of times but did not stick to it very long.No success here but i believe they should work when the conditions are right.

I have tried them and never did that well. Started using Chubby Darter and started cleaning up on both large and small mouth!

Rippin raps are what you want, UL and #5. Hard jig to attract them, then just rock it to get them to hit.

been using rattle traps for years.  i put suspenda strips on them to make it sink and dive just rite. they call fish from a long ways away, and can be used to draw fish into tip-up set areas!

they will hit them believe me. the third fish that morning broke mine off. the rest caught on plastics nils and raps.


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