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Finding largemouth

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I was wondering what structure and depth you guys look for when targeting large mouth bass, Also what lures you use? ??? ???

I have gotten my biggest in 4 ft of water on the edge of a weed bed on a shiner with a quick Strike Rig. For jigging I have had the most luck (for larger size LM & SM) on Salmo Chubby Darters...

river rat78:
On 1 lake I fish it's considered to be a gravel pit. I think the deepest it gets is 30-35'. All the largemouth that I catch out of this lake are usually in 6-10' and close to the shoreline. When I catch them I am actually bluegill fishing. They enjoy my bluegill jigs tipped with either a waxworm or spike.
Another lake I fish I located them along a drop off near an underwater point. I think the magic depth was 11-13' with the max depth of the lake 25'. I found them suspended in the water column and thought they were crappies. I would catch them on size 2 jigging rapalas. Whenever I had trouble locating crappies I would go back to that spot and catch me a largemouth just to catch something.

addicted to ice fishing:
I have caught bass around islands, points, weedbeds, and  cribs.  If I am using tipups,  then I  usually fish within a foot off the bottom.   Jigging, I  have caught a number of bass on slender spoons, little Cecils, and tungsten jigs while jigging for panfish.   As far as depth,  wherever I  mark them in the water column.

Try a jigging rapala in 15 fow


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