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Cutting Bass Up?


whats a good way to cut a bass up to get some good fillets out of them?

Same as any other fish

Do you know how to filet Fish>  if not..would be good to learn.  I use a filet board with thlarge clamp and have good success with it.

For the Larger Bass, I don't use the conventional method of cutting through the rib bones siince it's hard on the knife and me.  I slit it on each side of the dorsal fin down to the rib bones.  Then I pare the meat from the rib bones to the belly.  The rest of the filet process proceeds in the same way as normal, but there are no rib bones to pare off from the skin, since they remain on the carcass. 

For Perch and Panfish, I make a diagonal cut , starting from behind the gills on about a 45 degree angle to the backbone.  I then turn the knife so the cutting edge is is facing the tail and follow the backbone right down to the tail, trying to cut the tail in half,  (don't always succeed on that one)

Next turn the filet skin side down and pare off the rib bones from the skin.

Last, Starting from the tail, work your filet knife between the skin and flesh and the filet will litterally slide right off the skin.

Hope this helps


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