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Are bass good to eat? does it matter if it is a large mouth or a small mouth? if they are good to eat does it matter what season you eat them in? how do you cut a bass up?.....we always seems to catch alot of large and small mouth bass ice fishing and open water fishing...advise would be great....thanks

Smallmouth out of clean waters are good 12 months a year, and largemouth out of clean water are good during the colder months.   I wouldn't eat any bass out of places with dirty/muddy water  :sick:

In a word.....Yes.

i dont care for em, but people have told me that if you bleed em out first there not that bad...but not for me  :sick: :sick:


big big rdg:
I have only tried them 1 or 2 times b/c it hit a popper and inhaled the treble so bad that it wasnt worth trying to let it go and they came out alright, they tasted kinda fishy. Maybe there is a good recipe out there that they can taste good but I would just toss them back and eat some panfish instead.


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