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six inch hole for bass?

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Get the 8 trust me I fish for big bass and pike and last year I got a 7 pounder and it had to squeeze throu and 8 inch fresh hole why lose the fish of your life? State record bass and can't get him throu the hold oh well cut the line!!!!!!!!!!

I dont think so bob- if i had a state record I would make sure my buddy drilled a quick 3 or 4 holes to widen that sucker up! SCREW CUTTING THE LINE WERE DIEHARD! im sure most icefisherman would do the same.

I can't imagine having to squeeze a 7lb fish through an 8 inch hole....I've pulled 12 pound lakers and similarly sized pike through 8" holes without any problems....drill an extra couple holes if you get that big of a fish that it won't fit.

Get the auger you'd like, I think a 6 inch will serve you fine if that's what you already have and don't want to drop around 80 dollars for a new Lazer.

I wouldn't advise putting differently sized blades on your auger...

If you have a buddy handy all the time then I guess drilling a few holes while you apply pressure to the bass would work just don't make the hole illegal and get fined more then the 39.99 8 inch Mora cost.  If you fish for Bass the you never know when the next big one is coming up and I would never fish with a 6 inch auger for bass.        Do you really think the guy who said buy the bigger auger would cut the line???

farmer ted:
Six is fine, I have caught 6 lb bass and landed them through a 5" hole .


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