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six inch hole for bass?

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I'm fishing for mainly bass and pickeral. Will a six inch hole with my lazor do it?
Can I upgrade the six to an eight by just changing blades.?

a 6 inch hole is the universal size hole. a lot of guys use an 8 in hole if their lake choice has really big pike. ive had a few lm bass on that wouldnt fit through a 6 in hole. some guys that only target perch like 4 in holes.tight lines and welcome chuck. big dave out

Do you recommend I exchange the 6" auger and get the LD-8? I know hand drilling with the 6" will be alot easier. 
Is it more generally accepted to drill 8" holes for tip ups and 6" for panfish jigging?

I bought a 6in lazer this year (hand drill for panfish i guess) I was jiggin away and got nailed on a tiny 1/32ounce jig- this was about the 10th fish i caught through a hole made by my new auger (got it the day after christmass at dicks) This was the day after that (tuesday) I got the fattest bass ive ever caught throuhg the ice at almost 5pound (21inlong) he came right throught he hole and had about an inch left of space- he went down easy too- the worst scenario is you have to drill another hole right next to it nmaking it wider. This lazer is so much better then a more- have you noticed the edges of the holes are rounded?!???!

Unless you're dealing with 7-8 pound bass, you should be fine with a 6inch hole. Lazers are good augers, I have a 4 inch and 8 inch that I used before I got my Nils Master.... :P


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