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Salmon Jerky?


Salmon jerky!? anyone ever have it? i read of salmon and trout jerky...   just thought id ask aroudn about it!?  anyinfo would be great. maybe you have tried it??   thanks -moose

I have made salmon jerky with good results.  I couldn't find any decent recipes, just input from some folks who tried to create their own masterpieces.

I take a sockeye or coho fillet and cut it with the grain.  This is important, because if you cut it lengthwise, it won't hold up.  I leave the skin on, (not necessary), but if you plan on dehydrating it after an hour or two of smoking, take it off.

Take the strips and make a good jerky marinade.  I like to use apple juice concentrate, Jack Daniels, soy sauce, and seasons.  Let it soak for 12 hours in a glass or plastic bowl, mix them up, and soak another 12 hours.  Take the slices out of the marinade and place on some waxed paper.  Sprinkle with coarse season pepper.  Seasoned pepper is red and black mixed pepper that helps give the salmon a little zip.  Take the fish and place a wooden or metal skewer through the fish pieces and place in front of a fan.  Dry the fish until all evidence of moisture are gone.  The fish should be nice and shinny but not wet!  Hang racks in the smoker, and place ON, (no more than) pan of apple/cherry wood in bottom.  Smoke for up to 12 hours, depending on your heat.  I prefer a low temp. for a long period of time.  This seems to hold the color doesn't wrinkle the jerky.  Try to not smoke them on a rainy day! 

I have used the dehydrator in combo with the smoker.  Smoke for 2 hours, remove and place on your dehydrator overnight. ;)

Hope this helps!

Man thats awesome, i dident expect that much, thanks man!   i wish i had a smoker, i have yet to get any fun toys like that.  my buddy has a dehydrator, im stuck to using that but thanks for the info. ill have to go catch a salmon now and give her a try. thanks again man !!  ill let ya knwo how it goes, when i do it   tightlines -moose

No problem Moose.  Good luck with the salmon. ;)



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