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Let me ask about landlocks...

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So my buddy just got a landlocked.a decent 21 incher.real pretty female. I have set tip ups just under the ice with 6th leader and shiners or fatheads.have had numerous grab pull 10 ft and drops but never got a fish on unless it's a laker.want to catch a salmon so bad.i figure either trout or salmon are to blame. Which bait should I be using based on what you guys have found in them and what their forage and habits are. First what have you guys found in their stomachs? Small perch or pin smelt? Trying to key in on what they like to feed on is the first thing I feel. I figure if pinsmelt is a main course that the small 2 inch buckeyes on a small hook would do nicely to imitate them. Think near Creek inflows would be a good area to work out from. Thinking 10 to 60 fow would be good for my traps in a straight line. Input? Wondering if I should move away from the set line also maybe 20 or 50 yards and jig smelt or lakers. Well guys let me know what you think and your personal experiences.would also love to see some of these beauts so post em up! Thanks
Mb4 :tipup:

I've had more luck jigging for them with pimples and rapalas than on tip ups... Definitely want live bait or lively bait I should say.. I had heard from a few people that they will take crawlers on traps though, with reckless abandon but not all the time and typically if they are in shallow...

Up here we have real good luck with smelts just under the ice to maybe 15 feet. I have had them hit 10 feet from shore and 100 yards from shore... Don't get discouraged, it could take a little while till you get the hang of it. You will get it after awhile and when you do its all over for them.

Alex Delarge:
Pin smelts are #1 for salmon on tip ups, lake smelt a close second IMHO. I like to be in ~30 fow, set pinner maybe a foot under the ice. Be patient before setting the hook. I like to let them take some line twice, when they stop the second time give them 10-15 seconds to swallow the bait before setting the hook. Don't set the hook while they are taking line. Make sure your spools turn with no resistance. Good luck!

What's the best way to get the real small ones? Also how big am I looking for?


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