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targeting silver/white bass


whats the best way to target these in a lake ?


I've never caught them through the ice here but recently made a trip to UT where I caught plenty. I jigged for them using similar lures and techniques as I do fishin for perch. They were close to the bottom and school like perch and crappie. It was a shallow lake so I'm not sure if they typically suspend in S.Dokata. A perch patterned buckshot rattle spoon tipped with waxies worked best there but water clarity was poor.

I've only caught silver/white bass in the river.  When they show up, they're usually in a rather large school.  Often times, there would be multiple fish chasing the lure.  On occasion I would get one frommm my deadstick rod which usually just have a minnow on a hook.

So turns out that these white bass tend to have a response to much more aggressive jigging style.  They will rise from the bottom of the river from 35+ feet depth to come up and hit a lure in the 15 feet to 20 feet zone.  They will follow it to just about 5 feet to 10 feet before giving up.  They will follow lure back down all the way to the bottom as well.  They only have a rather short time frame of attention and it's almost like they'll only give the lure like a three strikes and then out of sight afterwards.  That's rather fast.  When looking at the sonar marks, it's a fish charging at the lure, it's either going to be a direct bite or it will ignore it at the last second.  If the fish is not biting on the first charge, it's less likely to bite the second time and even less likely to bite it on the third time.  However they do like to chase and follow an aggressive jig movement that is fleeing away from them. 


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