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Where Could I go?


My wife and I are die hard bass fisherman and we live in the state with the least amount of bass lakes. We think it would be very cool to catch them through the ice. Where could we find a place to catch bass through the ice? We live in Wyoming so I know we are going to have to travel quite some distance to find them but where would the closest place be? Thanks

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Lak reservior out of newcastle and bass lake out of riverton are very good producers through the ice.

If you're not opposed to travelling into Utah a bit, Mantua Reservoir north of Ogden has been pumping out numbers of largemouths.  Size, not so much, plenty of 9-12" fish to be had though.

I will probably try all of those eventually. Thanks for the help. I actually went to pelican lake by vernal utah. I caught 1 largemouth.


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