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Favorite LMB Ice Jigs/Lures

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Hey all,
Getting excited to chase some LMB on the ice this season -- nothing quite as exciting as fighting a slob on the jig rod!  I thought it would be fun to see what people are thinking to use this year.

I'm stocking up on three of my go-to favorites:
1)Lindy Rattl'N Flyer
2)Nuclear Ant
3)Chubby Darter

What else are you planning to use?  And feel free to share photos of LMB you caught through the ice, like this one I snagged with an ant:

mr tip up:
chubby darter,buchshot spoon,swedish pimple

I have caught more quality bass ( small mouth and large mouth) since I started using the Chubby Darter than all the many years before (on a jigging rod).

Nice fish, Alan!  Chubby darters are some of my favorites too.

I believe it was you who introduced me to the Northland fireye grub, back at the Barton's Cove gathering a few years back.  I love that jig too, its great for panfish -- even caught some bass on it too!  ;)

Northland fireye grub, great lure, but I no longer fish it... Lead, when I find a tungsten version, I will load up with some more!


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