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Count in another Yooper. :D :D Live down here by Witch lake. Alot of lakes around here. Try to post what I can.   ::) ::)

Backwoodswalker, is that the Witch Lake north of Sagola? I've never fished that Witch Lake, but have spent a bit of time on Squaw across the highway. In fact it's one of my favorite bass lakes in all the Yoop. I haven't ice fished it yet, but maybe this year ... of course my wish list of maybe this year lakes is about 8 pages long.

There are alot of decent lakes around there, some good brookie lakes too! Backwoods, you'll have to show me the brookie spots one day, I hear lots about them, but never seen them! Secretive trout fishermen...  :P

Go yoopers, don't ketchem all  :tipup:

Yup, I live about 1 mile from witch. Witch is a hard lake to fish. In the winter I never have done any good. Summer it is o.k. Squaw is getting too busy. Getting jet skis out therer in summer. And some butthead with a pretty wooden speedboat that likes to go 100 mile an hour.  Some good fishing though. Yup, There are some good trout lakes around here too. The best are hidden back in the woods, Not on maps.  Have 1 real close that is SUPER for brookies. Squaw lake in winter pretty much calls for a snow machine. Not usually plowed. Some good fishing though. Twin lake has some nice perch, But you must fish deep. Alot of little ones too. Horseshoe, I never have ice fished it. Catch some real nice gills in there in summer, Crappies too. A couple decent pike. Witch has some nice walleye but are real hard to catch. Have to fish it in summer and learn the layout to get em in winter. Not many people fish it in winter(good). Been told fence lake is good ice fishing, Don't know. Will find out this winter though. I think all the lakes are pretty much safe now, Around here. Hope to see some of you out on the ice this winter. We go to Tip Up Town on Sawyer every year. It is a blast. It is in Feb. I will post exact date when I know for sure. Lots of cheap fun. Fishing derby, Kid stuff, Snow machine races. Goes on for 2 days. Good clean fun.  Hope to see you guys out there.  Steve 


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