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Hey fellas.  I'm up here in Montana and dontt have a problem finding the bass.  I just cant find the bigger fish.  The body of water I fish is 20 at the deepest.  I can go out and catch 10 - 15 bass a day but cant get anything over a pound and a half.  I know they get much bigger in there because i regularly catch them in the summer time.  I have an underwater cam and use it to find the fish.  There is a ton of structure in the reservoir but the vegetation dies off in the winter time.  We can not use live bait here in Montana.  I was hoping someone might be able to give me some advice in finding some bigger fish.

big bobber:

U sure helped the guy lol do u see bigger ones on the cam id use biggeer lurez

Man I wish I could search with tipups one live bait! I've seen one nice fish maybe 3 or 4 pounds. The schools of the smaller ones are 2-6 fish. I know they are there but maybe I'm looking at the wrong kinda structure. Idk maybe the smaller ones are just more active and curious. I'm using big Swedish pimples and bigger rattling spoon and jigging rap. Maybe advice on something else?

big bobber:

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what time are you hitting the ice?early morning right before sun up...and late aft noon til 9pm seems to be best for me on a regular basis..try stuff that glows...i really tease them(i use a vex)...sometime active jigging is the only way.sounds like you are using the right gear to me...have you tryed gulp?not a live bait but works for pans/bass just as good as waxies...rubber wigglers?maybe some kind of scent...maybe the bigger ones just dont bite...or maybe you just have to fish more?im awaiting cathing the michigan record rock bass at this point...ive had some big fish on and havnt been able to land them.


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