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I am sitting back having a couple of beers in my dorm room anticipating fishing the King on Saturday, probably my final ice fishing trip of the season and was wondering what everyones opinion is on the salmon situation in Lake George right now and what everyone thinks is wrong about it, and what should be done. Personally, I think there is a buttload of Lake Trout(good thing) in the lake, and when they stock salmon they just get eaten by trout and pike. I personally would like to see increased lake trout take but a slot limit, what I think would be good is 3 Lakers between 20-25 inches a day, and one laker over 30" a month if they could enforce that some how, that would be the tits I think. But for the salmon I think it would be good if they raised it to 21 inches and kept same bag limit, but also if they are trying to bring back the salmon fishing a 5 year period with no salmon harvest might be good for the lake,  but that would be controversial but I think it would be for the best. My 2 Cents.


Well, I think you're right on the salmon getting eaten by the lakers. I think they should stock fewer in there, but stock them at 8-10 inches. Maybe 12,000 a year instead of 34,000. What do you think about the cost there, Lance? Too high?
After some consultation, ;) I have come to the conclusion that the limit should be 4 lakers between 20-24" and one over 24". There's no way to enfore a monthly limit, that just wouldn't stand. They should make the limit for salmon to be 2 over 21" in my opinion.

Good topic!


They should stock larger salmon. My brother and I were lucky we both caught a salmon this year for the first time. It seems as if more people caught salmon on the king this year. Hopefully they are making a come back. :)

congradulations on your catch AdkRoy i think your right, the larger salmon would definately have a better chance of survival over the lakers and pike. But the salmon still fishing is still poor as of now for me and everyone else I think would agree, I will stick to Schroon and some smaller Adirondack Lakes when targeting them so I dont get frustrated trying to catch one at the King until the situation improves.


Well the summer fishing season is winding down... did anyone have any salmon luck on the king?
Whats the outlook for the ice season this year? Have DEC biologist found anything out about the decline?

I have never caught a salmon through the ice and it is on my list of things to accomplish this year... should the king be my destination or should I look elsewhere?


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