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good depth for bass?

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it really depends on the structure of the lake.

Thanks all the tips are very useful. i wasnt sure if i should be in shallow water or deep water and if i should be jiggin right on bottom or if i should be up under the ice. haha like i said im new to it all really.

There are two lakes in this area ,West Grand and Cathance,that have bass but I have never seen or herd of anyone catching a bass threw the ice. There are other lakes in this area that produce bass daily but not sure why these two dont.

It depends on whether you are fishing for largemouth or smallmouth.  I've found that certain waters ice-fish well for smallies, while others don't at all, even if they are present.  The waters that do fish well for them through the ice I like to go with big, flashy or glow spoons in 15-30 feet of water.  Largemouths can be quite sluggish, but I have found that they are easily tempted with a tiny, pink jig when they won't hit much else...usually I find them only a few feet below the ice over 10-20 feet of water, while in other lakes I find them only on the bottom in 15-20 feet of water.

I have two ponds within a  stones throw of where i live. One is 10 to 12 feet deep and loaded with large mouth the fishing is none stop anywhere most days using bait jigging. The smalling pond has good structure and  with good action in that 20 to 30 range. I like those rock mud edges with a jig and peice of sucker belly. Usually good for atleast a dozen even on a slow day but a sonar and patients is required. Lake x in the next town maybe different might be 40 feet but edges of bottom are good spot to work.  They school so one leads to more with drilling a few holes and some fine tuning on location. They come and go i get one or two then there gone but keeps me buisy while waiting for those browns on traps.


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