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Largemouth in Shallow Pond


gonna try a spot that ive had good luck with in the open water season the max depth to this pond is 10 feet and its very grassy especially in one of the coves i know bass hide out in deep water where the water is warmest on bottom is there an exception to the rule where this pond is really shallow or should i still stick with the 10 foot spot

I fished a lake earlier this year that gets to be close to 20', but we were catching big bass in under 6'.  we were catching them in and around a weed line, probably 6" to 1' above the weeds, about 2' off bottom, when were on a less weedy spot.  I guess I'm saying deeper water is not always a sure bet...if you know the lake well, try a spot that produced for you in the open season.  If you know where any weed lines or bottom irregularities (drops,humps, ledges, etc.) are, that might be a good bet.

i get them in the same spots i find them in the summer. anywhere from 20' to 3' of water

Crappie Crusher:
i know a pond where the whole thing is 3' deep all the way around. we have found the bass at weeds and close to shore


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