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how do you guys rig your tip ups for bass most importantly what do you use for leaders

8- 10 lb flouro will work nicely real strong and the bass dont even know it is there.

Mark Barlow:
I tie on a ballbearing swivel to my braided line then I use a 17 lb test flourocarbon about 3 ft long and use a circle hook. I also put a split shot sinker around 1 foot above the hook to keep the bait down around 1 foot off the bottom. If your not familiar with circle hooks then what you do is when you get a flag don't yank it to set the hook, circles set themselves just keep steady pressure on the line and pull it in.

I rigged up something similar to this, put a swivel on my base line and to that attached my three foot leader which is trilene micro ice 8 lb test for a hook, I couldnt find circles gotta go lookin a couple other places for them, I have octopus hooks they look similar to circles, is there a differance

Six pound fluorocarbon rigged with a quickstrike style setup with a pair of #10 trebles.



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