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So I found a lake that I really enjoyed fishing the last two years on the open water, lots of good sized bass, and pretty constant action everytime I've been out there.  The lake is a good size, probably around 200 acres, lots of pads, coves, laydowns, stumps whatever, but the deepest spot was only about 5'-6' this year.  Most of my fish came in about 2-3 feet of water, in the pads and coves.   

Anyways...I decided it was time to ice fish this lake, but when I got there, I found that they had let the water out, and it was really shallow.  I couldn't find water deeper than 3-3.5' including the ice, and this was in the deepest part of the lake.  This deep spot has never produced for me in the open water, but I figured since the lake was shallow to begin with, this might be a good spot to set up traps, since it was deeper.  I fished for 3-4 hrs, and only had 1 flag, and it was a pickerel.

I guess I was wondering if anyone had any experience with a lake like this?  The spots I would like to fish there probably only have a foot of water in them...

Any thoughts would be great, Thanks!

Sounds like there isn't much place for the fish to go. They will be in the deepest water left. Also depending on where it is the lake could freeze to the bottom or be depleted with o2 causing a big fish kill.

also, bass are not known to be a very active coldwater fish

with water that skinny, you'll be apt to find much of anything as it would be imminent of winter kill!! you say "they let the water out"? is there an inlet or outlet connected to that lake? if so, i would go there as this is were the bass would be! look for 10-15 fow, with good green weeds... bass do get lethargic during the coldwater months but can be caught and in good numbers!! i often use a tip up with a 18" leader section of mono or flouro and a plain hook tipped with a med. sized shiner minnnow, you can also catch these fish on your normal panfish gear using your small ice jigs, and jigging spoons such as a swedish pimple tipped with a waxi or euro. plus the fun begins on the ultra-light hardware!! hope this helps!

Haven't been on this site much this year, so I just found this response!  The water level on the pond is back up to normal, deepest spot going around 8'.  There is a spillway with a valve where they can lower the water level.  I fish the same exact setup as you mentioned - flouro leader, medium shiner or jig rods! 

The ice has been less than stellar in the area this year, today it's in the mid 40's and raining, and a lot of rain this past Monday also.  I've only been out 1 time!!  It's killing me!  The pond treated us very well this open water season, and I'm itching to get out onto it and give it a go...I will definitely look into area near the outlet - there is a long cove with the spillway at the end, so that sounds like a good spot to start - thanks for the tips!


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