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While we wait for ice season, its a great time to check out a few deals on retired St. Croix rods.  St. Croix Bass X, Panfish Series, and Trout Series rods are all 25% OFF.  Limited stock available.  New models will be in late this fall.

Also, check out the NEW St. Croix Tundra series ice rods.  Most models are in stock now!

General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: Lite Weight Drill Augers
« Last post by Reinert on Today at 12:35 PM »
All I have to compare to is my ion, not sure what else matches up with those
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Jaw Jacker pricing increase
« Last post by waterlike on Today at 12:34 PM »
It appears the jaw jacker has went up in price by almost $20.  Now 59.99 in most places.  Jigging jaw Jacker base went up too.  Im wondering if its a supply chain issue or just general price increases.  Unfortunate.  $59 seems way expensive even though its my most important tool for some species.  If you can find it cheaper, which i see in one or two places, better snag them now
Ice Fishing Ontario / Re: 21/22 Hard Water Season
« Last post by DawntoDusk on Today at 11:48 AM »
Yep, I'm starting to get that itch for the ice season also. Been checking out the gear today to see what I need for the upcoming season.
Ice Fishing Massachusetts / Re: New area, new lakes.
« Last post by PikeKing23 on Today at 11:23 AM »
"To the point I had to throw some back."

Wow!  I can't seem to get goldies.  Care to trade for some fallfish?  I can get plenty of them. 

I also have a 55 gallon plastic drum on it's side with a pool pump and 5 gallon bucket with media for a filter.  Aerator and a aquarium heater is all you need.  Keeps fish all winter.
Ice Fishing New York / Re: How cold is it?
« Last post by Bryce on Today at 11:20 AM »
39* and rain here in the valley.   Snow in the mountains.
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: Otter Hideout XT
« Last post by matzilla on Today at 10:41 AM »
remove tent attachments, set up the shack so that the bars touch the floor, and skirt is where you want - reattach tent to poles and sled
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: Otter Hideout XT
« Last post by bubbagill on Today at 10:29 AM »
I appreciate the feedback thus far, I should clarify there's no hifax , the seat is a fixed position swivel mounted in the front of the sled.  And the fabric appears to half a 1/2" max beyond the top edges of the rubber mouldings. 
there are some in Maine and Vermont
Ice Fishing Utah / Re: Bald pass camera feed
« Last post by BFTSkunkedAgain on Today at 09:53 AM »
Hey Matt that looks pretty snowy up there good luck on the hunting trip this weekend. Think Iím glad I was muzzleloading instead. Check the lake ice for us while your up in the high country. Been cold since the end of September so might be getting some safe ice before too long.  Later J
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