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Merry Fishmas 2022


Went out to a local pond for a couple hours this afternoon once festivities at home ended. Sat on just over 6"of good clear.

Bite was active, but really, really light... missed a LOT of fish. I only ended up getting a few gills and a couple baby bass topside. Had a dang catfish break the tip on one of my Schooleys, too.

Nicely done!  Got the maiden voyage out of the way myself today.  Slow bite this afternoon.  Caught 20, cleaned 19.  Threw back the 14.75" crappie.

First hole drilled was 7" of ice.  2nd hole had only 4".  Fished several in between.

Bite was a lot better today (especially between around 9-1130am), and I brought the little 18" HT Blue so I only missed a couple. They were still hitting light, but not nearly as bad as Xmas day.


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