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--- Quote from: bassnbud8 on Dec 13, 2022, 04:16 PM ---What part of the state are you in? Iím by Peoria. That week after Christmas should be a go for around here!

--- End quote ---

Iroquois County, right on the Indiana border.

Forecast for next week just keeps getting better every day. I already have off the 23rd... if most of my usual fishing ponds are skinned over good by Monday afternoon and this forecast holds I may go ahead and take the 22nd as well.

Need the winds to lay down for a day or two  :tipup:

Supposed to be fairly calm Sunday night into Monday morning here. Thinking I may be out poking around Wednesday, definitely Thursday.

The week after Christmas is looking good now, hope the winds stay down so we get a good skim on the lakes.


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