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Still about 2.5" today... fished over a little shallow flat for 20-30 minutes after work. Saw a few gills through the ice, but they wouldn't touch anything.


--- Quote from: Sylvanboat on Dec 21, 2022, 07:23 AM ---See if your wife is open to celebrating Christmas on the ice.  Start new traditions.

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Haha, none of the fam will go with me, I am bribing my youngest daughter with a snackle box that she gets to pick out what’s in it!

Weather turned on a dime here around 1130. Very windy and the temp is dropping like a rock, but it hasn't snowed much of yet.

*added at 635pm*  making some ice now

On my way home from work, started truck 8 degrees.  When I got home 17 miles away 1 degree.   Think we had a little front go thru.  I did get a report from someone I know that there was 4.5" on a shallow area he checked so if the wind lets up I will try and get out this weekend, sometime.

Bit nippy out this morning. We didn't get much snow here... hard to really tell with all the wind, but I'd say less than 2" of fluffy powder.


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