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This year seems to be like some other ones as a mild fall, seems like we did not have the cold like we had last year to get things going, been warm to me this November but remember years like this one in the past, just a waiting game now. 

Definitely going to be a great season. Hopefully we will get a good snow pack in the hills this year. How is Boysen’s water level these days?

Boysen is still full, down a bit but fuller than last year so far. Ocean is looking good and pilot butte they are digging the outlet to the canal out and had it low for a long time so might be hard fishing this year or really good if they keep it low.  Looks like around the first of December is our good chance to get things to start to firm up to walk on water.

16 degrees yesterday morning when I woke up to go to work.

11 degrees this morning with a low of 6 at the coldest spot on the way to work.

Looks like the whole state got a bit of a cold snap! Bodes well for ice fishing somewhere on thanksgiving weekend!

I could stand to fish out of the boat all winter.   ;D Pounds in the NE corner are starting to freeze. KH was 44 degrees on Sunday.


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