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Fished the home pond tonight from 430-630.  25 crappie, 2 red-ear, and a yellow perch.  Felt good to get out for the first time since saturday!

6" of ice.

I've been out a couple times this week and it has been really slow, just caught a handful of dink gills each time. I'm still seeing a lot of fish, but haven't been able to convince much to bite on anything I put in the water.

The ice has gotten a lot of slush on top since last weekend and the edges are starting to get soft, but still 4-9" out on the sheets, depending on which pond I'm on. Hard to believe it is suppose to be around 40 by Monday....

Hit the home pond again today from 1-4.  Caught 35 and my buddy added 17.

What a slushy mess!

5-6" of ice.

I just made a new post about the weather and slush. I was on 10" today, but tons of slush on top and rapidly softening edges. I jigged up 12 gills this morning. Most were dinks, but I did land a few decent 7-8 inchers.


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