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Long Lake (MP 86 Glenn Hwy)

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--- Quote from: DucksAndDogs on Dec 28, 2020, 10:41 PM ---Have sled, will travel.

--- End quote ---
Also fished here, my Bro lived in Chickaloon a few yrs. Had a hardside on it..lots of stockers broods and small burbs..Fun and windy

Recent ice report?  Iím sure itís safe but is it fairly easy going or drifted up?

Saw people driving out last weekend but things could have changed between now and then. 

Bushwhack Jack:
AKhardwater is right.  Not only were people driving out on Long Lake a couple weeks ago, but they were driving clear out to the middle and East side of the lake.  I've never seen it this clear of snow before. 


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